International Polo: The Sport of Horses (and people too)

Polo: The Sport of Horses

Newport International Polo Event – Portsmouth, RI

The setting has the unmistakable feel of money, but thankfully the cuff links and fine blazers are more than offset by simple outfits ranging from the more conservative slacks and sports coat to stylish summer dresses, khaki shorts and polo shirts.  


The game itself is fairly easy to follow.  There are four players to a team, on horseback, with the simple task of hitting the ball into the goal.  The game has seven periods known as chukkas, and you have the usual offsides, fouls and out-of-bounds.


Some are not necessarily polo fans, but are drawn more by the fine weather, the party atmosphere, and the chance to be in the tony setting of an international polo match, much as some folks attend the opera to earn status points without having a shred of understanding of or interest in the opera itself.

_MG_8403 _MG_8643

It is a sport of intricate skills, fast-moving action, and the fine dance between man and one of the most powerful and intelligent domestic animals.

IMG_7721 IMG_7806

All around tailgating is usually in full swing, but this tailgating is of a refined nature.  Picnic tables and colorful blankets line the field’s perimeter, with wine and beer flowing in fine glassware and fingers and forks busy with salads, burgers, shrimps and lobster tails.

_MG_8573 _MG_6883 _MG_6653

Rivaling the picnic blankets are beautiful people with their cute dogs and babies. 

_MG_8695 _MG_8704

It is a friendly competition, and sometimes if you are really lucky, you can witness an international parade.

_MG_8754 _MG_8770 _MG_6967 _MG_6911

Or you might catch a race not run by horses


And also witness a trophy used as a beer glass


And meet some of the players


The matches are exciting from the start.  The riders display top class skills and the powerful horses combined moments of flat-out raw speed with sublime moments of response, turning on a dime at the riders command.  The announcer is in fine fettle too.  He is a transplanted Englishman whose distinctive accent and obvious wit transmits well-timed tales of the Newport Polo Club, and insightful game coverage.

IMG_7615 _MG_8601 _MG_8548

See you this summer!


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