The City of London

I absolutely love London as a city. I love the cosmopolitan, and multicultural feel one experiences from touching down at any of the airports. I love the niches, nooks, crannies, that make each area feel like its own neighborhood. I love that the signs are easy to read and follow – no small favor being done to me on that one. And I love the greenery – for a major city, London does take pride in having lots of parks, and green, open spaces for its people to enjoy.

I love the passion for sports; there are days I cannot decide should I stay in or go out? There is always football (soccer), cricket, track and field or some other sports with top-notch commentary to tempt me.

I love its fog and rain, and fog and rain, and fog and rain, and brief moments of sunshine.

I love the architecture of its buildings, the museums, theatres, and the buses, the Underground (Tube), and the reminders to “mind the gap.” I revel in its history, pomp and circumstance, and the tribute it pays to its fallen heroes. I love that it leaves space for other world leaders – from American presidents to Nelson Mandela.

Most of all I love its people, their wit, and freedom of expressions, and busy as they are, they always have time to have a cup of tea (me coffee), or just relax on a park bench, in the grass – wherever. I feel right at home in London. On a day when I am feeling the love – some memories from a trip.

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