Got transportation? Getting around – Jamaican style

On a recent trip to Jamaica, I visited the old capital and saw this kid pushing a cart. Pleasant memories of driving push carts as a kid flooded my mind, and I snapped this photo. Some of you may have been introduced to the push cart in the movie, “Cool Runnings.” Very handy means of transportation.

Leaving Spanish Town (St Jago de la Vega), I made stops along the way, and saw this guy on the highway delicately balancing an unbelievable heavy load on his makeshift flatbed. Heading to the hotel, I again witnessed another ingenious driver at work.

Equally interesting was witnessing how well the old and new methods of transportation were co-existing. Can you drive a push cart, or balance a flat bed this well?

Dickson_8152 Dicskon_8843




5 Comments on “Got transportation? Getting around – Jamaican style

  1. Awesome pics! And donkey wisperers… Get a life! The animals you talk to are known to be among the toughest and strong creatures there are! I think they can handle pulling these rides!

    • Thanks for your input. Probably demonstrates that even a “beast of burden” can be overworked. The challenge is to balance the need for survival with good treatment of the animals that help us eke out a living.

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